Sometimes, it’s hard to choose your own genre. Sometimes, it has to choose you.

Personally, I have one main genre. Romance Erotica. I’m not entirely sure why but that’s just where my mind goes, those are the stories that pop into my head and buzz around like frantic bees in a hive until I absolutely have to write them down. The stories that form in my mind are almost always my own fantasies based off of a situation that I am in personally experiencing or presenting themselves to me as a sort of television show or movie that I would like to watch. A perfect example is when I worked as a security guard in a jail work release program for inmates. While bored during a nightshift because all of the inmates were sleeping, a love story popped into my head and I spent the entire shift writing it down. Another is while working a warehouse job and suffering writer’s block. I developed a crush on a man that I worked with and my crush pulled a love story right out of me. I considered him my muse, which is what the story became about. When it comes to any other genre for me, those stories are based off of dreams. For example, a drama about facing and rising above racism while also managing to make a minor change in the world that has the potential to blossom into a change that is major, more widespread. That is based off a dream that was rather comical in its presentation but the base was quite serious. All I did was take out the comedy and write it down. I’ve learned that when it comes to creative writing, you can’t always choose what you want to write. Sometimes you don’t know what you want to write and your topic chooses you. Writing is a form of art and it isn’t always super easy to sit down and write just any old thing. It’s ok to write based off what inspires you rather than what you think you SHOULD write.

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